About Us

Are you looking for a church whose people...

... say "yes" to God;
... join with God and one another through worship, work and witness;
... seek to learn God's will and way for us today;
... demonstrate God's love throughout all of creation; and
... welcome people of every age, tongue, race and religious background?

We invite you to Hillcrest Church - a caring community of faith.

We celebrate diversity

Your path of spiritual expression will be honored at Hillcrest. Join with us to grow in Christian understanding and strength so that together we can live out Hillcrest's mission: We strive to love and celebrate God and one another as one family in Christ and to do God's will in the world.

We welcome freedom

Bring your curiosity and questions to Hillcrest and engage in a faith dialogue to develop your principles and expression of faith. Hillcrest United Church of Christ is fresh and vital. Biblically-based sermons which address the issues of the day will guide you in living out love, compassion and justice.

We empower wisdom

We periodically offer adult Christian education programs. Our classes are geared to help and challenge you to grow in your ability to express a living faith. We believe in an open faith dialogue and respect differences of opinion.

We act through service

At Hillcrest Church, worship, fellowship and learning equip you to be the faith on earth. We are active in the world expressing faith through service. Our church facilities provide space for groups of varying interests.
We are a church with a heritage and a future.

Come to a church which reaches out to all. The United Church of Christ is a covenantal church uniting several denominations. We have founded such schools as Harvard, Yale and Colorado College and were the first church in America to ordain women. We work and serve throughout the world to ensure human rights, to expand health, education, and faith opportunities worldwide, and to bring about a just peace for all life on earth.